Sarlic Bliss - Epic Doom / Post Black Metal
CD - Brægn Hæft

Brægn Hæft - Debut Album

The debut album of the southern German melodic doom / post-black metallers from Sarlic Bliss will be called „Brægn Hæft“ and will be released on November 2nd via MDD! 

The album brings it with only 6 songs on a stately length of over 45 minutes, whereby it should be clear that the fellows take here the necessary time to let a song unfold. 

Not surprisingly, the sound is characterized by dark, aggressive-melancholic sounds. Gloomy, brute and poignant at the same time. 


About Sarlic Bliss

We – Sarlic Bliss – are a metal band from southern Germany, which was founded in October 2021.

Our band has set itself the goal to realize own visions of handmade music. All members bring many years of band experience in the semi-professional field. Among others Midnattsol (Daniel Fischer) and Bann (Jochen Thurn) are to be mentioned as well-known groups.

In the meantime, three songs were conceived and recorded in their own recording studio. They are about the story of a man and his dark desire for a mysterious woman. Suitably to the story the demo got the name „Darkest Desire“. The title song of the same name has been released as a video and enthusiastically received by the community. Besides numerous positive Youtube comments e.g. from Doom Heart (Facebook page): „We’re so glad to introduce you phenomenal atmospheric epic-tinged melodic doom / post-black five-piece Sarlic Bliss, with their very first absolute masterpiece-single „Darkest Desire“, released March 25th!“.

The sound is characterized by dark, aggressive melancholic sounds, melodically underpinned by the interplay of clear and guttural vocals. We orientate ourselves on genres of doom-/, post-black-/ and death-metal. The lyrics deliberately include Old English language elements to reflect the atmosphere of the music even more authentically.

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Daniel Fischer
Jochen Thurn
Daniel Mackert
Maximilian Stipp
Flavius Serban